Issues Turntable Counseling can help with

Mental Peace

The deliberate state of psychological and emotional calmness despite the presence of stressors.\

Work/Life Balance

Work-life balance is often difficult for us all! It is the inability to prioritize ourselves before what we do and finding equilibrium between our personal and professional lives.

Women’s Issues

We go through so much! Relationships. Professional glass ceilings. Self-esteem. Finding our voice in a world that stifles us. Sexuality. Postpartum. Mood. Strength. Social expectation and norms. Breaking barriers. Being true to our inner-selves. I’m here to walk with you through all of the ebbs and flows of womanhood.

Racial Identity

Race is far more complex than it is understood socially. Your racial identity is more complex and most importantly, it’s yours. Becoming comfortable in your identity is a journey and ought to be respected as such.


It’s yours. It’s yours to explore and experience in your way. It is deeply diverse and personal to who you are.


As we shift our priority and place ourselves high on our own lists, we become more in touch with our spirituality and in a more palatable way.


ASD impacts a person’s perceptions, socialization with other and ability to communicate in a way in which they are best understood. However, the creativity and skills of this population is truly something special when explored.


Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorders can cause inattentiveness, hyperactivity, fidgeting, impulsivity, lack of focus and concentration and behavioral management concerns. With specialized training and expertise in this fields, for both children and adults, I can assist you in coping and managing your symptoms.

Depression, Anxiety, Trauma & PTSD

Although each condition has its own causes, they often share similar symptoms and treatments. I utilize various therapeutic approaches to treat and teach coping mechanisms to alleviate and eventually eliminate the symptoms of these conditions.

School Issues

School issues are vast. They can include difficulty of work, lack of concentration in disruptive classrooms, tricky peer relationships, fining your voice, being labeled, bullying and self-esteem. The goal in therapy would be to learn how to not allow these challenges to interfere with your success.